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March 23rd, 2013 by mark

Episode 5: Dylan Pahman

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In episode five we’ll hear from Dylan Pahman, an editor at the Acton Institute, as he tells the story of his conversion to Orthodoxy and about his work at Acton.  Dylan was raised as an Evangelical Protestant.  During college he began studying Reformed Theology, church history, and patristic writings.  Eventually his studies would lead him to question Protestant teachings in general and Reformed teachings in specific, and eventually to abandon Protestantism entirely for the historic Orthodox faith.

Note from Dylan: As a small disclaimer, I would like to say that at one point it appears that I attribute dispensational eschatology to my alma mater Kuyper College, a school in the Reformed tradition (and therefore decidedly not dispensationalist). The sound bite in question actually is about my childhood church, but I did not make that clear enough during the interview, contributing to the mix up. Other than that, though, I think it turned out great and extend my thanks to Conversations On Orthodoxy.




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